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Patient wanted to remove gold teeth and close her gap. Dr. Sonnier performed a gingivectomy and frenectomy with the laser followed by placing 4 anteriors crowns to give patient the smile she always wanted.


Patient had tetracycline stain and multiple fractures of his teeth due to him grinding his teeth at night. Dr. Sonnier performed in office teeth whitening and placed 6 anteriors crowns. She choose crowns instead of veneers on this patient due to his bruxism. He is also wearing a nightguard now.


Patient wanted a more uniformed smile and did not like the spacing between her teeth. Dr. Sonnier placed a veneer to eliminate the space.

Dental Implants

Patient originally had a veneer placed on tooth #8 and did not like the color. The tooth was compromised due to extensive decay and had to be removed. Dr. Sonnier placed an implant in the area of tooth #8 followed by a crown.


Patient's upper and lower teeth were extremely compromised due to decay and periodontal disease and all had to be removed. Dr. Sonnier placed upper and lower complete dentures on this patient.

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